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Author: Ash10 The Deejay

Shenanigans We’re Waiting for at WWE Payback

With Brock Lesnar out of the picture for Payback, Raw’s champions definitely have a chance to shine. With Wrestlemania’s antics still in play and the recent Superstar Shake-up, we’re not doing to see the mid-card Title, that was recently traded to Raw, defended. Instead we’ll be watching for Smackdown Live’s United States Championship.

There are currently 4 titles on the line, including the Raw Women’s Championship between Alexa Bliss and Bayley. Who will prevail? Well, here are our predictions…

Cruiserweight Championship: Austin Aries vs Neville
While Neville’s current alliance with recent heel turn TJ Perkins, his 2nd meeting with Austin Aries could prove fatal.
Based on the main show worthy bought they had at Wrestlemania, this should be no different… except the end result. Aries has been a fantastic addition to the division and is over-due for the belt.
Winner: Austin Aries

Tag Team Championship: Hardy Boyz v Cesaro and Sheamus
WrestleMania took a major turn when The Hardy Boyz not only returned to the roster but also won the tag team championship on their first night back… DELETE!
Traditionally, WWE would usually pit these babyfaces against a couple heels but this time its different. The Hardys have been paired with Sheamus and Cesaro.
Can the new Odd Couple manage to Usurp the Deletion Brothers?
Honestly, I don’t think so. It feels like there’s more to this storyline that hasn’t been revealed for the Hardys and there seems to be a more important storyline in store for Sheamus and Cesaro.
Also, The Legendary Hardys should be ending a long time fued with a bigger team like Gallows and Anderson before the drop the belts…
Winners: The Hardy Boyz

Women’s Championship: Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss
With the Universal Championship out of the picture, there is no bigger match than the Women’s Championship between Bayley and Alexa.
Since her arrival on Raw, Alexa has managed to plow through the competition and immediately thrust herself into contention for the Raw Women’s Championship within a matter of weeks. She stole the spotlight on Smackdown and quickly became one of WWE’s most important competitors.
But is this Bayley’s time? A feud with Sasha Banks seems pretty inevitable at this point, which could be perfect for her as a champion.
In the same right, it may not be a good idea to keep Bliss out of the title picture for much longer. For the sake of not breaking the momentum…
Winner: Alexa Bliss

United States Championship: Kevin Owens vs Chris Jericho
Drink it in, man, because this is going to be one for the books. Former BFFs KO and Y2J will go head to head for the belt. While we’re still in the early stages of the Superstar Shake-up, Owens’ trade to Smackdown seems to be the best outcome.
So far, Owens’ open challenges could become a regular thing, much like Cena’s. That topped with the opening for someone to steal the spotlight on the blue roster, Owens could become an even bigger superstar in WWE.
With that said, Owens winning the United States Champion would be the best decision for the obvious booking. With Jericho’s departure likely at hand, its kinds obvious who should carry the strap.
Winner: Kevin Owens

Other Shenanigans:

    • Bo and The Wyatts: Its no secret that the Wyatts have had their ups and downs lately. Randy Orton has definitely caused a lot of static and caused us all the question the strength of the family after his brutal win over Bray at Wrestlemania 33. While the return of Erick Rowan has helped, there’s something that can be an even bigger pay-off. We want to see Bo Dallas return and join the Wyatt Family during the House of Horrors match as the uncontrollable psycho. His previous heel turn shows us its possible and it just makes good sense…
    • Sasha vs Bayley: We’ve been patiently waiting, as far back as Fastlane, for Sasha to prove Alexa Bliss right and turn on Bayley. While Sasha has helped Bayley along her path to the Championship, It would definitely help our Champion Bliss prediction. And who doesn’t love Heel Sasha?!

  • Roman Snaps: It been a long road since Wrestlemania for the Superstar. First he retires The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, then he’s booed out of the building on Raw, then taken apart by Braun strawman, finally has to endure the passing of his real life brother and WWE Superstar Rosey. Is it far-fetched to think that Roman may snap at Payback? While it doesn’t have to be a heel turn, getting revenge on the man that tried to end his career won’t come about with a simple spear. Roman needs to get absolutely brutal with Strowman. I’m talkin’ worse than he did with Triple H in 2015. It would be a much needed surprise for the superstar.

Guess we’ll see if everything pans out Sunday…

Comic Review : The Invincible Iron Man #2

In case you didn’t catch the review of the first issue, I LOVE THIS VOLUME. After issue #1, a lot of readers may be thinking that this is just another Iron Man story with Iron Heart slapped on the front. In my best Donald Trump voice, “WRONG!” In this 2nd installment, we definitely find the Riri is in total control of not only the armor but also this story arc.


[SPOILER ALERT] We can’t keep it secret anymore, Riri has A.I. for her suit, just as she wanted. The essence of Riri’s A.I. just happens to be Tony Stark, himself. At this point we’re still unsure of weather Tony is dead or alive (something we won’t find out until the final issue of Civil War II is released), giving rise to some very interesting conversations in the series thus far.


In this 2nd issue, I’d like to compare Riri to Miles Morales in that Bendis can tell this story and not be tied by decades of continuity. He can tell a new Iron Man story without have to deal with the Stark Industries rival of the month. A lot of readers have been put off by the Chicago violence aspects of the tale. I personally appreciate this aspect of Riri’s story. As comic readers, we always want two feet in the Marvel Universe while often forgetting that Marvel has always held a mirror to our world. As a Blerd, I realize that stories based in realism, like this one, have a particular ability to inspire readers living in those same circumstances.


We also begin to explore Riri’s training and dig deeper into the tragedies that drive her to me Iron Heart. The Tony Stark A.I., acting as a new Jarvis, takes Riri through her training. These scenes magnificently blend humor with the drama of Riri’s past, social commentary and some good superhero action!


Through the action, Riri’s character becomes poignant in that she not only realizes that through the A.I. Tony Stark has effectively made himself immortal and trying to make sense out of pointless violence (something that I predict will drive the character to superhero greatness).

Comic Review : The Invincible Iron Man #1

Guest Submission by Ash10

BLERD Alert! This is everything! I could easily be biased, being a Black Girl that grew up on Chicago’s south side and frequented Marquette Park, but you can be the judge. The prior volume of Invincible Iron Man was hailed as a promising piece to the New Marvel re-launch but soon began to fizzle out after its first story arc.  This latest volume appears to be just what the doctor ordered.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have heard that the comic now features teen genius, still not the smartest character in the Marvel Universe, Riri Williams as the new operator of the Iron Man suit.  The comic begins in the aftermath of the 2nd Civil War. At this point Tony Stark’s fate is uncertain and Riri has her mind made up to prove herself as a hero. So the story is pretty standard as far as the “superhero teen on their first mission” arc goes.

Fortunately, this was not all that the issue had to offer. Riri’s origin story takes up about 75% of the first issue. Don’t fear, just because her origin story if given in this issue, doesn’t mean that we don’t get our fair share of flashbacks to put things in more detail as we move forward in the story. Bendis did an excellent job of using flashbacks to truly frame who Riri is.  Through these flashbacks, key points in Riri’s childhood are explored, giving insight into difficulties she faced being an extremely gifted child. Something all Nerds and Blerds alike can relate to. As we look into Riri’s past, we can see her challenges with acquiring friendship, her relationship with her parents and the tragedy that defines her. In case it isn’t obvious, I’m totally sold on Riri.

The artwork in this series is much in line with David Marquez’s bright style, thanks to Stefano Caselli.  This artists is definitely gifted when it comes to a wide emotional range being depicted for the characters. From tinkering in her garage to fighting the A.I. in her suit(SPOILER ALERT)…

 Caselli is able to craft dynamic scenes which makes him a great fit for the series.

Following a rough couple volumes, Riri Williams is breathing new like into the Iron Man franchise. Don’t be deterred by the teen superhero adventure because the flashbacks used in the story serve as a great device to get more depth in the teen heroine. It is also good to see great artwork in play, unlike the previous arc. The verdict?