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Author: Raheem Jarbo

Mega Ran x Dj Cutman x D&D – Up Up Down Down

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 11.37.56 AM

Recently, Austin Creed (Xavier Woods)’s YouTube gaming channel UP UP DOWN DOWN just surpassed 600,000 subscribers! To celebrate, Mega Ran, with the help of Dj Cutman and D&D Sluggers, created an unofficial anthem track for the channel.

Over Cutman’s remix of “Strike The Earth” (Shovel Knight), Ran and D&D go in for the geeks and nerds! Enjoy!

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D&D Sluggers Getting Strange

stranger radio

Like a lot of Netflix users around the world, D&D Sluggers (also known as Tim White) couldn’t stop watching the 80’s Sci-Fi love letter, Stranger Things.The latest DDS song “Radio”, pays tribute to beloved minor character Barb and her short harrowing journey while also referencing the life of a solo artist.
You may remember D&D Sluggers from the mega hit single, “Infinite Lives” from Mega Ran ( RNDM ).
“Radio” and albums like “Hot Banana” are available now!

Brennan Williams Gets Offered WWE Contract!

Congrats to NPC Brennan Williams, aka GREATBLACKOTAKU!

According to WWE.com, Williams was issued an NXT performance contract and will be starting in Orlando soon. We wish him the best of luck!

brennan npc

Williams played college ball at the University of North Carolina prior to joining the NFL and spending 2 seasons in Houston and Carolina.

Williams, a lifelong fan of sports-entertainment, began training under WWE Hall of Famer Booker T in October 2015 after his NFL career ended. He made his in-ring debut for Booker’s Houston-based Reality of Wrestling earlier this year, competing under the alias Marcellus Black.

In addition to his experience on the gridiron and in the ring, Williams holds a black belt in taekwondo.


Meet Our Newest NPC: Godswill Ugwa!


In addition to having the dopest name ever, Godswill might also have the dopest job. When he’s not making things go on the social media side at FUNimation, he’s creating, learning languages, and most importantly, nerding out. Get to know G in this NPC Q&A!


1. What are you nerding out on currently?

Currently nerding out on Fire Emblem (GBA game), Danganropan 1, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, and One Piece

2. What’s your most recent games played?

Uncharted 3, Fire Emblem, and Danganropan 1

3. What music is on your playlist?

The current rotation is World’s End Rhapsody (Nujabes), War (Hypnotic Brass Ensemble), Little Weapon and Gold Watch (Lupe Fiasco), Human After All (Daft Punk), Grasslands (Ramzoid), Not Going Back (Childish Gambino), What A Year (Big Sean), and Kimi to iu Hana (Asian Kung-Fu Generation).

4. What do you do in your downtime?

Downtime? What’s that? Haha I’m working on my breakdancing when I get a chance, watching anime, reading internet articles, practicing Japanese or Spanish, and doing yoga entirely past my bedtime.

5. Any past/present involvement in community activities you’d like to speak about?

I don’t participate as much as I’d like to but I’m working with a friend in feeding the homeless of Dallas once a month and I occasionally work with a group called “Islamic Relief” in disaster preparation and assessment.

6. What are you trying to learn to do right now?

Spanish and Japanese languages, dancing, martial arts (Shotokan Karate and boxing), photoshop, photography, and how to get to things on time

7. What should Nerdy People of Color get out of our website and collective?

I believe we should have a hub and a forum to speak on. Also to be connected with big-time nerds of color would be sick.

8. Favorites:

Favorite movie? Phew my favorites have been Jurassic Park, Pulp Fiction, The Avengers 1, and The Raid: Redemption.

Favorite Food? That’s hard too. I really enjoy Asian foods like sushi, Korean BBQ, and Indian curries (not spicy). Also can’t beat my Nigerian mother’s cooking of rice and stew with fried plantains.

Favorite website? Well I can’t hide my addiction to Facebook (more ashamed than proud). I do dig Gamefaqs though as I always check out their polls and Top 10s. Also YouTube has me in awe still.

9. What’s upcoming for you?

What’s upcoming for me? Well I’m hoping to be bigger within Funimation for sure! Also hoping to get a girlfriend one of these days haha!

10. Talk about a person or event who made you who you are today.

I gotta thank my big bro Caleb who I met as I entered college. He was the first cool black nerd who had such an aura that inspired me. Hell he brought me into the school and kept me there and then motivated me to create the things and friendships that brought me to where I am now!

11. When did you realize you were a nerd, and when did you become okay with who you were?

I think I really realized it in 9th grade. That was when I first realized I scared people with my geeking out of G4TV and video games. Also that was when I first saw anime for anime’s sake rather than an interesting cartoon. I think I became really cool with it once I entered college.

Get in touch with Godswill on Twitter.

Wu-Tang + Warcraft = WuCraft

RandomBeats Presents: WUCRAFT.

Mega Ran and K-Murdock helped curate this project by Phill Harmonix:

Original World of Warcraft Inspired raps, over classic Wu-Tang Beats.

RandomBeats and Phill Harmonix present: WuCraft. Where rhymes about the mystical world of Azeroth meet the classic rugged beats from the Wu-Tang Clan.

To celebrate “Leeroy Jenkins Day,” Phill pens a project taking us back to the day 11 years ago when the entire internet learned the name of the impatient Paladin who stormed into battle without a plan.