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OPINION: The Nintendo Switch

OPINION: The Nintendo Switch

by David Valencia


Contemplating a Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is the new portable home console from Nintendo due to be released 03/03/2017. This is the seventh major console release that combines characteristics from its previous predecessors. Nintendo! Let your powers combine!

This system is ahead of the curve. It offers something that it’s competitors cannot even begin to compete with. The Nintendo Switch is a “hybrid” console that offers portability and power without sacrificing quality or practicality by offering different modes of play like tablet and TV mode.

A lot of the public though, have mixed opinions! Some say it looks ugly, the controllers are dinky, it has poor battery life, and the price of the console and accessories aren’t worth it!

We know that Nvidia is making a custom system on chip, and Nintendo has new HD rumble, NFC reader, and gyroscope motion sensors on its JoyCons. On top of that a 1080p resolution and an estimated average 3 to 6 hours of battery life. Finally, this little tablet console has to be powerful running game cards like Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Elder Scrolls Skyrim, and Super Mario Odyssey. With a $299.99 price tag, the Switch does offer more bang for your buck.


If Nintendo continues to innovate and update the Switch with Triple-A games, fun and creative updates, with great online game play and shareablity, Nintendo will have nothing to fear. We are all about sharing and playing online and together. Nintendo is covering all bases and showing the game community that a little SWITCH is a good thing. We want to know your thoughts on the Nintendo Switch. Please leave any comments below.

Raheem Jarbo

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