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OPINION: The Nintendo Switch

by David Valencia


Contemplating a Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is the new portable home console from Nintendo due to be released 03/03/2017. This is the seventh major console release that combines characteristics from its previous predecessors. Nintendo! Let your powers combine!

This system is ahead of the curve. It offers something that it’s competitors cannot even begin to compete with. The Nintendo Switch is a “hybrid” console that offers portability and power without sacrificing quality or practicality by offering different modes of play like tablet and TV mode.

A lot of the public though, have mixed opinions! Some say it looks ugly, the controllers are dinky, it has poor battery life, and the price of the console and accessories aren’t worth it!

We know that Nvidia is making a custom system on chip, and Nintendo has new HD rumble, NFC reader, and gyroscope motion sensors on its JoyCons. On top of that a 1080p resolution and an estimated average 3 to 6 hours of battery life. Finally, this little tablet console has to be powerful running game cards like Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Elder Scrolls Skyrim, and Super Mario Odyssey. With a $299.99 price tag, the Switch does offer more bang for your buck.


If Nintendo continues to innovate and update the Switch with Triple-A games, fun and creative updates, with great online game play and shareablity, Nintendo will have nothing to fear. We are all about sharing and playing online and together. Nintendo is covering all bases and showing the game community that a little SWITCH is a good thing. We want to know your thoughts on the Nintendo Switch. Please leave any comments below.

Sammus in Engadget

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 2.10.19 PM

Our own SAMMUS is the subject of a well-done and timely piece in Engadget on her space somewhere between Nerdcore and Afro-Futurism. As we all try to find our space in this crazy new world, POC’s are especially boxed in..but thanks to the art and hustle of folks like Sammus, we know that our voices are not going unheard.

“I think it’s going to continue to shift to skew more in the direction of lots of people of color, women, non-binary folks, who love games and love cartoons and love geek, nerd stuff, but want to use it to talk about their unique experiences,” Sammus says.

Read the rest here.

Enjoy the article? Go on Engadget and leave a comment!

October Game Releases!

OH MAN! October seems to be the Month that takes away all your money and have you stock up your XBOX or PS4 titles (Or Steam, of course) With re-releases like Duke Nukem 3D, Batman: Return to Arkham, and the sequel to Titan-Fall, there is more than reason enough to spend a few dollars to brush off the dust bunnies on your next gens (If you haven’t already) . Let’s see what excites the NPC Collective THIS MONTH!

Let’s start with the honorable mentions.


Dragonball Xenoverse 2, (Oct. 25)header

We here at the NPCC are huge anime fans, and we are no stranger to DragonBall Z. So, of course, we got excited when Xenoverse 2 was announced. If you enjoyed the first one, you should have a blast with the newest title. See what I did there? Only a few details are released about this game but they did provide a character list. I wonder if we will touch the new Super Saiyan God in this one?


Batman: Return to Arkham (Oct. 18)maxresdefault

Return to Arkham come with both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City along with all the DLC included. If you have not had the pleasure of taking down the goons of Arkham or if you just want to take over the role as Batman and run through these titles again, we highly recommend it.


Titanfall 2 (Oct. 28)titanfall-2-beta-698607

The most anticipated online FPS is back and this time with a offline story-mode. Personally, I didn’t have an Xbox One with the original title released but I am interested in the story-mode in a game that didn’t originally have one. A lot of upgrades from the original release along with more maps, more titans, and more details on the world of TitanFall. If they can pull off the single player mode as well as they pull of the online multiplayer, I’m sure this is a title some of us at the NPCC can sink our teeth into.


Duke Nukem 3D 20TH Anniversary Edition: World Tour (Oct 11) header-1

Ok, let’s remember the time where Duke Nukem: Forever wasn’t released. The time were you would replay your Duke Nukem games hoping that you would be able to play a new title with this Bubble-gum chewing “Bad*$$” in the next gen graphics. Well, this re-release is as close as you are going to get on a PS4 or Xbox that is tolerable. Why not give it a gander? At least, a Redbox rental….


Gears Of War 4 (PREORDERED: OCT 7TH, Worldwide Oct:11thgears_of_war_4

This Xbox title heavy weight is back, and takes place 25 years after Gears 3. New weapons, new enemies, new characters. Even though we are to see some of the original characters, we are sure that the story and gameplay will not fail to amaze. Rumor has it that the story will change depending on what character player 2 selects on co-op mode. I like the sound of that. While the replay value just increased, This is definitely on the Buy list.

Friday the 13th: The Video Game (Oct 2016, TBA) 2950665-friday

Similar to “Dead by Daylight”, this title plays just like a horror movie. In this case, Friday the 13th. One person plays as Jason Voorhees, and 7 other characters plays the camp counselors. The 7 players try to survive the juggernaut that is Jason or kill him by working together or going solo. This game uses the same crew of the “Friday the 13th” films, like Kane Hodder (Jason), Ronnie Hobbs (Writer), and Tom Savini (Make-up creator). With original creators of the film on board with the game, I highly doubt they will let their baby’s name be tarnished.


PS VR (Oct 2016, TBA) ps_vr_launch_bundle_story

This not actually a game, but we here are excited for the PS4 Add-on. Personally, I always wanted to have a VR game since I saw this on “The First Kid”.

Yes, the Sinbad Movie.old_vr_hmd


The initial titles are awesome, for example, Batman. Even though we already talked Batman on this list, why wouldn’t you want to be batman without the needed physical attributes? Hoping that more titles in the future will lean towards the VR experience, this may on the watch list for some until the hefty price of $499 drops to something more affordable.


This is the List for October, Comment below if we have missed anything that you are excited about. Don’t be shy, tell us why.


Doug Funnie

Wilmington on Fire – Q&A with Director Christopher Everett

Tucked away in the southeast corner of North Carolina is Wilmington, also known as the Port City. Scenic beaches, wonderful cuisine, and historic monuments bring thousands of visitors every year. Many tourists and residents alike are unaware that these very monuments pay tribute to traitorous men and a violent history.



“Wilmington on Fire” documents the events of the 1898 massacre of the Wilmington City government. The takeover by white supremacists of a prosperous city filled with educated black entrepreneurs and government officials is the only successful coup d’état in American history. A militia of three hundred white men killed unknown numbers of black citizens and exiled the others, promising death to those who dared to return.  

I talked with Director Christopher Everett about the film.

He first heard of the event while living in Atlanta when the state of North Carolina released their “1898 Wilmington Race Riot Report” in 2006.




Everett: There was a lot of talk throughout certain areas of North Carolina about the 1898 massacre. Once I started seeing that online, I thought, this reminds me of Jon Singleton’s Rosewood. Why is this the first time people are really hearing about this? I started researching to see if anyone had made a movie or documentary because I wanted to buy one. When I saw that no one actually did an in depth full documentary on the project, it made me want to do it. I thought the story was important, and it needed to be told, but I didn’t think it’d get the success it has gotten so far. I just wanted to make a good film and get the story out there.


White: In the film Kent Chatfield mentioned seeing weapons from the attack as a child. Does it surprise you that they’d still exist?  

Everett: Not at all, because you go to any museum and they’ll have these things around. I noticed this just researching and doing this film. In the White community, they preserve a lot of this stuff, whether it’s good or bad history. They preserve weaponry, they preserve clothing, like the Klan hoods and all that. The documents and everything.

I notice in our community, we don’t persevere anything. That’s why it’s been hard to find a lot of stuff from the African American community in Wilmington. A lot of times with us, our great grandmother or grandfather might have some old photos, but we don’t know the value of these old letters or photos and we could be cleaning out their house after they die and just throw it out with the trash.


White: That’s not something our people are very good at.  


Everett: That’s a dream of mine, to build a black archive museum when people across North Carolina can bring their stuff and we’d preserve it, digitize it. That’s a dream of mine, one of these days.




White: Your film shed light on atrocities from over one hundred years ago, but as I hear it, there’s more footage. Is there more to tell about these events?


Everett: There’s a lot more to the story.

“Wilmington on Fire 2” is going to go more in depth with what happened to the African American community in Wilmington and NC after the massacre. Once the 1900 election and the Jim Crow movement, where did they go? What it was like for the people that stayed here as well. A lot of people don’t know that there was a town created in NJ called Whitesboro as a safe haven for not only people from Wilmington but throughout NC. I actually filmed there for the first movie, but I could only fit in about 5 minutes of it, so I decided I wanted to make that story for the second one. A lot of the people up there know that connection with Wilmington and NC. They know why their ancestors had to move up there around 1905-1910. A lot of them know the story and their history. It’s going to branch out of NC a little bit to focus on the Jim Crow laws that were created and the effects on the African American community.




“Wilmington on Fire” is a powerful film and it boasts an equally great soundtrack with styles from Jazz to Hip Hop and poetry. The film has won several awards: best local film at the Wilmington Best of 2016 Encore Awards, Best Documentary at the North Carolina Black Film Festival and tied for Best Documentary at Raleigh’s filmSPARK festival.


The DVD will be released on November 10, 2016 on the anniversary of the massacre.
For more info about the film, reserving your copy, or screenings in your area, follow the links below.




Official 2006 NC report 


New Surprise SkyBlew Album Out Now


Happy Birthday SkyBlew!

RandomBeats Music proudly presents SkyBlew starring in: SkyBlew The Cowardly Boy (yes, say it all together like A Tribe Called Quest lol.) After a lengthy hiatus from music, SkyBlew makes his triumphant return, with the follow up to – Race For Your Life SkyBlew! SkyBlew The Cowardly Boy, tells the story of scared young boy, who actually happens to be the bravest of all, but he doesn’t realize it yet. Born into a world surrounded by evil, he is forced to face his fears and fight the wicked, in order to become the man he is destined to be and save the people… This is his journey. You have to listen to each song carefully though, because the album has a deeper meaning as well. It’s all a matter of interpretation, so each person will reach their own revelation. Prepare yourselves, this is not your typical album, this is an experience… Unlike anything you’ve ever heard before! Released at a perfect time, as the world is in need of inspiration and Love. Enjoy!

Download now!




Peep the preview video: