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“A Not So GRAND Theft”


So my wife was gracious enough to let me get a PS4 last month, and I say gracious because admittedly I got a baby on the way, my first due top of 2k15, and I been forewarned that budgeting moving forward is a must so the room for pleasantries like NEW game consoles is scarce to none ­čśë Now, not only did i grab a PS4, after trading in my PS3, PS Vita and a bunch of games I was lying to myself about ever finishing, I also managed to coax my wife into letting me restart my subscription to Gamefly– which for a guy like me is a must-have in the churn of today’s game cycle, AND again who is also budgeting his dollars these days.

I been using Gamefly since 2008 and love it, especially since it allows me to play games without that 24-hour return squeeze that a service like Redbox enforces and it alleviates the pressure of committing to dropping $60 on something that I may not like or play past a couple weeks. Since I was so backlogged on games I wanted to play since top of this year, I decided I better work backwards before I get into what’s current so I filled up my GF queue with some games on my personal radar that I felt were in the wheelhouse of what I liked which is stealth-action/adventure games like the Assassin’s Creed and Hitman series; Been hooked since the first Tenchu on PS1 in the late 90s- Rikimaru was my ninja ­čśë

So to sate my stealth jones, I wanted to give the game Thief a good play through albeit I heard it sucked and after a few days with it… well it kinda does! I remember tracking this game via IGN and Game Informer when it dropped late winter and in hindsight coulda let it pass like a thief in the night; To sum up my experience…

Graphics = dark, which I get as it’s game veiled by night and some ominous disease thats infecting the population but damn, EVERYTHING is tinged grey, which makes the game seem so lifeless and bland much like the main character Garrett who just seems like he was auto-generated from a game archetype machine!

Sound = I admittedly turned down the background music from the options screen as I know this game is all about ambience and making sure you stay vigilant while sneaking around; But after my time with the game, I wasn’t blown away by the music or sound design as it was pretty standard.

Gameplay = While I do like the fact the game rewards you based on how you play, be it more like an assassin taking our guards or pacifist just looting for treasure and using environmental elements to supersede obstacles, after a few hours of repetitious stealing of platinum spoons and gold coins which aren’t worth much, I was bored of being a thief; And unfortunately sedating enemies is no fun as Garrett’s takedowns are pretty lackluster so it basically becomes how fast can you get through an area hiding in the shadows for your reward… which is… yep, more of the same. Nah, funk that!!

Ok, so I know there are other factors I could review about Thief but the bottom line is this game just isn’t good; I never played the other Thief games, as I believe they were PC-based and I’m more of a console gamer, so for me the draw was the stealth gameplay advertised that ultimately wasn’t engaging enough to allow me to keep Thief beyond a weekend of playing; And I got to the 4th chapter/mission but just felt at the end of my time as I dropped the Gamefly sleeve back in my mailbox to ship back, I was the one left robbed… of my time.

In closing, it’s honestly not even worth putting in your Gamefly queue to rent, just be patient and wait for the nent Assassin’s Creed installment!