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A little Poem from NPC Eye.Q

You really had to be in pain to lash out at the world around you. I’m sorry that you felt such pain, that the love of your peers didn’t surround you. I wish that they could feel your pain, I bet they would never try to hurt you. All you needed was understanding friends that would never try to hurt you. To be included in a cold cold world that often might exclude you. Filled with images of the kinder gentler world none of us are really used to. When you’re not home you’re never truly alone there are people… look around you in game shops and comic spots you’ll find us we’re all around you. No need to impress us just be yourself we will surely find you. Your pain hurts us inside as well our community cries inside too cause we wish we were around you, it hurts deep inside because we know how it feels at one point many of us were you. Society may not understand your actions because they can never understand what it is to be you. Hurt others must you not, in the force confide must you a lot. There is strength in others to help you. Reach out you must, in others must you trust don’t let the darkside consume you. They look at your response as an atrocity but not what others have done to you. I’m speaking out and asking everyone to listen to the tortured souls because their all around you.
Whether it’s is geek, jock, emo, nerd. Whether it popular, live, lame, fun boring, weird ,different, quiet they’re still labels that can be used to hurt too. Don’t be afraid to own who you are and show them what you’re worth.
Don’t judge others over the path they tred, their shoes you have not worn. Instead try to understand their lives and how they feel inside just once try putting their shoes on. Do something now before it’s to late take action tomorrow may never come.

Save our future, stop the hurt.

– Chris Allen