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Kojima’s Return to E3

Kojima’s Return to E3

PlayStation’s E3 conference was incredible this year! A full orchestra added a classy feel to the event, and there was stellar trailer after stellar trailer. But what gave me goosebumps was the introduction to one of video games greatest mind and creator, Hideo Kojima. As the curtain drew up, Mr. Kojima made his triumphant entrance, to a roaring crowd. Where after minutes of applause Mr. Kojima said, “Hello… I’m back.” The crowd, me included while watching the event unfold on an android screen, lost our MINDS!

I’m sure if you have no idea who Hideo Kojima is, your first thoughts are, “That’s the Metal Gear guy right? What’s the big deal?” Well, for us Kojima fanboys and girls, it’s like seeing your favorite creator who has been on hiatus return to life, so to speak. It would be like seeing the return of Hayao Miyazaki and revealing a new animated film he’s been keeping secret. For others it would be like George R. R. Martin revealing that the last two books in the Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire) series are completed and slated to release at the end of the year. To us Kojima nerds, seeing him on stage is a gargantuan deal. Many of us speculated we would see him, and I think many of us lost hope for a trailer, seeing that he had an interview earlier in the day.

Image 2

Before the Ubisoft conference began, Geoff Keighley had a sit down with Kojima. Along with talking about building up a team at his new studio, Kojima Productions, he also mentioned working on putting together something for the fans. He also talked about his twitter tour of different studios, like Naughty Dog and Media Molecule, and gleaning what he could from these amazing studios. As the interview continued on, I was hoping he would mention his new game, but the closest we got was Geoff trying to get Kojima to spill something. He asked about Kojima’s new studio mascot, what I have started calling the Skull-stronaut, Keighley said, “we’ve seen some amazing art you’ve put up online related to the game, I assume, or the character on the logo… there’s an image you put up last week… who’s the character there? People were like ‘is that Norman Reedus’ who is it? Can you tell us anything?” Kojima then explained how fans thought it was just a skull inside the space suit, but that it’s actually a person wearing a skull mask. That person is all of us, the player, which on his official site he has dubbed “Ludens”. The interview ends with Keighly saying he’s glad Kojima is back at E3 and that he will be here for the long run. And we are left to think, “Well, no game reveal, but at least we got to hear what Kojima is up to.” Which in true Kojima fashion, was all smoke and mirrors!

Ya boy was playing us from the beginning of the interview!!! He was repping a shirt with his new games initials. Geoff Keighley even pointed out, that Kojima is intentional about everything he does, and poked at his shirt. His SHIRT!!!! Here’s a pic from the interview:

Image 3

So when that curtain went up at the event and Kojima walked down those steps, the goosebumps set in. Then we get the first look at his new game, and in true Kojima style, the music is the first thing to grip you. Then in a buildup he reveals that the protagonist for the game will be Norman Reedus of Walking Dead fame, and star of the failed Konami-Kojima-Guillermo Del Toro Silent Hills game. We then get a confusing, yet spectacular looking, scene that reveals an infant, dead marine life, five floating objects in the sky, and the title reveal. Death Stranding…

Image 4

What does it all mean? Is Norman Reedus Death? Is he in some kind of limbo? Is he the Skull-stronaut and is that apart of the game? Did he give birth to a baby!!? Why doesn’t he have a belly button!!!? We’re all going to have to wait until the game is finished but we will have much to think and talk about until the game launches.

So what are your opinions on Kojima’s return to E3 and his new game Death Stranding? We’d love to read your thoughts on this and the rest of E3.

About Jake Lionheart: 

Jake is a riff raff, scallywag, gypsy of a man. He also also make videos about videogames & comics https://www.youtube.com/c/elcheapogames
Emmanuel Aouad

Emmanuel is a Six Sigma Business Process Engineer and a musician (By the name of 1-UP Creative Mind Frame) on the side with a focus on nerdy subjects through hip hop vocals and jazz (Saxophone / Clarinet). www.soundcloud.com/creativemindframe

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