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Tribe One

Lightning struck, thunder crashed, and Atlanta’s own TribeOne was born with a smile on his face and a rap in his heart. It took him a few years to figure out how to write and then many more years to figure out how to write a decent rap. But eventually he sorted it all out and his been at it ever since.Years later, he continues doing the raps, nerdcore and otherwise. He’s a man of few words but many names, Dirty South Swamp Thing, Devil Rhymeosaur, Ol’ Dirty Batroc.

FIRST TIME IN FLORIDA! Ryan “Kadesh Flow” Davis is a rapper, producer, and trombonist who has been performing since his early teens. Desh has managed to collaborate with renowned voice actors such as Steve Blum, produce theme music for Toonami Asia, perform live at the Cannes Film Festival, and be publicly lauded by gaming/tech journalism giants such as IGN, Kotaku, and the Jace Hall Show.Most recently, Kadesh Flow has appeared in the Buyer’s Remorse, produced under the creative direction of David Cross, worked on the scores for the One Piece Podcast Goes to Japan documentary and USC launched web series Sassy Batman, and released his well-received and reviewed album, Gateways.

Under Polaris is a duo/trio outside of Central Florida. Together, they write videogame-inspired rock and pop with a slant of chiptune influence. Their goal is to not only make you feel nostalgic, but to make you dance while you do.
Shammers is a nerdcore hip hop veteran who just released the critically acclaimed “Pallet 2 Plateau: The Pokémon Hip-Hop Album”. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind musical experience as Trainer Red and Professor Oak take you down the path of the original Red & Blue games through rhyme and comedy!
Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, Benjamin Briggs is a self-made musician who has been producing consistently throughout the last decade. Though he is best known for remixing video game music, he also creates original work with a strong focus on fusing chiptunes with modern soundscapes.Benjamin has produced hit albums such The Briggs Effect trilogy and his most recent release, Fearless Living. Now he is taking his love for video game music to a whole new level by composing soundtracks for independent video games.

As seen onstage at major music festivals and conventions across the nation, Ben is very passionate about his ability to help people with music and his role in the nerd community. As such, he believes his only true purpose in the world is to create positive memories and spread smiles to as many faces (and ears) as possible.

Venue Information:
Will’s Pub
1042 N. Mills Avenue
Orlando, FL, 32803

NPC Collective – Sound Samurai Approved

I would never pass up a chance to catch up with the stealthy sound samurai himself K Murdock. I personally got to meet him almost two years back (at the same show I met Random at) and every time I run into him he greets me like family. Extremely talented producer and a super stand up dude – get to know him a little bit from the NPC Q&A below! 

1. What are you nerding out on currently?

Apps! For my iPhone, for my desktop Mac, I even found some for my Playstation… and I’m so friggin’ organized, like I spend hours (literally) organizing my apps then I barely wanna use them after. lol


2. What’s your most recent game played?

I’m still hooked on Mass Effect 3… its like my 3rd play through but this time I’m finally playing ALL the DLC as I’m very much a perfectionist on stuff I like. Other than that, Hitman GO for iOS is phone, it’s like a turn based strategy game to get Agent 47 to his mark… its dope!


3. What music is on your playlist?

I listen to a lot of beats music playlist and most of those are about classic hip-hop from the 90s or synth-pop/R&B from the 80s. I have been hooked on artists like jazz vocalist Gregory Porter and Odd Future’s The Internet a lot too. Also the instrumental trio BADBADNOTGOOD as I also am always listening for new dope beats for my instrumental podcast.


4. What do you do in your downtime?

Video games and listen to audio books or podcasts… Also i love me some binge watching when theres a new series I’m into.


5. Any past/present involvement in community activities you’d like to speak about?

I used to do weekend tutoring and workshops for inner city junior high kids when I was in college and that sparked my passion for eventually trying to teach and give back. Whether its speaking to kids at a local school or mentoring a young student… Lets go! Most recently, I helped engineer a remake of Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On” for The DC Humanities Council commissioned with a group of young adults; Very proud of their message in lieu of the Ferguson incident… So timely! Here’s a link


6. What are you trying to learn to do right now?

How to play chess and effectively manage my time better to be more productive!


7. What should Nerdy People of Color get out of our website and collective?

Let it become a haven for people who are also nerds of color and think “Geez, no one can relate to me.” We have an array of entertainers and personalities from different walks of life, and thats dope to me as it not only shows the beautiful spectrum of us NPCs but also that the content we produce is fresh and positive too.


8. Favorites: (I don’t deal in absolutes)

a) Movie? Big Fish

b) Food? Pizza

c) Website? thats too open, website for shopping, downloading torrents, generating memes? I mean I need more specification! lol


9. What’s upcoming for you?

Finally starting the follow up to Hero Muzik… In time for a certain 20th anniversary of one of my fave RPGs next year! That and working on a new project for my main group Panacea too!


10) Talk about a person or event who made you who you are today.

Easy. My late uncle Melvin Lindsey who was the originator of the radio format “The Quiet Storm” in the late 70s. I grew trying to emulate him, went to the same university and tried to follow his path but my road took me down the technical side of audio. But to be honest there would be no “Sound Samurai” without him. He was a great influence to me and others on and OFF the air!