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Meet Our Newest NPC: Godswill Ugwa!


In addition to having the dopest name ever, Godswill might also have the dopest job. When he’s not making things go on the social media side at FUNimation, he’s creating, learning languages, and most importantly, nerding out. Get to know G in this NPC Q&A!


1. What are you nerding out on currently?

Currently nerding out on Fire Emblem (GBA game), Danganropan 1, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, and One Piece

2. What’s your most recent games played?

Uncharted 3, Fire Emblem, and Danganropan 1

3. What music is on your playlist?

The current rotation is World’s End Rhapsody (Nujabes), War (Hypnotic Brass Ensemble), Little Weapon and Gold Watch (Lupe Fiasco), Human After All (Daft Punk), Grasslands (Ramzoid), Not Going Back (Childish Gambino), What A Year (Big Sean), and Kimi to iu Hana (Asian Kung-Fu Generation).

4. What do you do in your downtime?

Downtime? What’s that? Haha I’m working on my breakdancing when I get a chance, watching anime, reading internet articles, practicing Japanese or Spanish, and doing yoga entirely past my bedtime.

5. Any past/present involvement in community activities you’d like to speak about?

I don’t participate as much as I’d like to but I’m working with a friend in feeding the homeless of Dallas once a month and I occasionally work with a group called “Islamic Relief” in disaster preparation and assessment.

6. What are you trying to learn to do right now?

Spanish and Japanese languages, dancing, martial arts (Shotokan Karate and boxing), photoshop, photography, and how to get to things on time

7. What should Nerdy People of Color get out of our website and collective?

I believe we should have a hub and a forum to speak on. Also to be connected with big-time nerds of color would be sick.

8. Favorites:

Favorite movie? Phew my favorites have been Jurassic Park, Pulp Fiction, The Avengers 1, and The Raid: Redemption.

Favorite Food? That’s hard too. I really enjoy Asian foods like sushi, Korean BBQ, and Indian curries (not spicy). Also can’t beat my Nigerian mother’s cooking of rice and stew with fried plantains.

Favorite website? Well I can’t hide my addiction to Facebook (more ashamed than proud). I do dig Gamefaqs though as I always check out their polls and Top 10s. Also YouTube has me in awe still.

9. What’s upcoming for you?

What’s upcoming for me? Well I’m hoping to be bigger within Funimation for sure! Also hoping to get a girlfriend one of these days haha!

10. Talk about a person or event who made you who you are today.

I gotta thank my big bro Caleb who I met as I entered college. He was the first cool black nerd who had such an aura that inspired me. Hell he brought me into the school and kept me there and then motivated me to create the things and friendships that brought me to where I am now!

11. When did you realize you were a nerd, and when did you become okay with who you were?

I think I really realized it in 9th grade. That was when I first realized I scared people with my geeking out of G4TV and video games. Also that was when I first saw anime for anime’s sake rather than an interesting cartoon. I think I became really cool with it once I entered college.

Get in touch with Godswill on Twitter.

Mega Ran x Richie Branson Tour Announcement


NPC Members Mega Ran and Richie Branson are touring together for the first time since 2012.

The two met on mc chris’ Monster Hunter Tour and since have created classic gamer jams like “Super Nintendo Sega Genesis”and three successful Halloween themed “Ghouls N Ghosts” albums.

Richie is a music composer and producer who has worked with a variety of notable brands including Marvel Studios and Def Jam Recordings. He also appears on “OP” on Ran’s new album “RNDM” which debuted on Billboard’s charts and maintains a place on CMJ’s Hip Hop Chart.

He is also an accomplished hip-hop artist, gaining notoriety in 2012 after penning multiple songs for Adult Swim and touring with mc chris. After gaining a loyal following as a hip-hop performer, he achieved billboard-charting success with the release of his “From Guardia With Love” album. In 2015, he co-produced the critically acclaimed “Life After Death Star” Notorious B.I.G. / Star Wars underground remix album.

Tour Dates:

1.28 Phoenix @ Last Exit Live
1.29 Albuquerque @ Burts Tiki Lounge

1.30 Santa Fe @ the underground
1.31 Salt Lake City @ the loading dock
2.1 Denver @ lost lake lounge
2.3 San Jose @ afk lounge (7pm) + Back bar (10PM)
2.4 San francisco @ elbo room
2.5 Sacramento @ Sol Collective
2.6 Reno @ Artcade (meet and greet)
2.7 Los Angeles TBA

1-UP’s Not so Secret Power Ranger Obsession

So it’s no secret that I have on obsession with the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers…

It all started when I was 5 years old and my older sister made me watch the first episode. I was extremely opposed to watching anything that was not a brightly colored cartoon with high contrast to catch my eyes. During that first episode everything left me in awe… there were explosions, high tech (for the time) warp scenes, a dude floating around in a tube and a dude who DANCED WHILE HE FOUGHT!

(I used to be a really bad dancer when I was a kid)

I watched the Power Rangers religiously in the following years from MMPR to Power Rangers in Space (And a few other arcs sprinkled here and there). It was so bad that I tried to get my mom to change my name to Jason and Tommy (Because I wanted to be the leaders haha) and during TV turnoff week at school my sister and I made my mom record (on VHS) the Green with Evil arc where Tommy Oliver gets introduced. I mean I just want to stress how important it is to remember I was 5 or 6 years old, a lot of the world to me was still brand new so like… my mind was constantly being blown by the acrobatics and alien monsters and the zords… OH THE ZORDS!!!!

I don’t know exactly what it was that resonated with MMPR so much more with me than other TV shows. I still caught Dino Thunder and Mega Force but I will never forget that feeling running home from the bus stop to see what crazy plan Rita and Zed had cooking or how the rangers were going to foil the Machine Empire. Maybe it was the fact that these were real kids doing real martial arts and stunts (mostly). Maybe it was the fact that I’m kind of corny and like whenever shows resolve themselves into some hidden life lesson about character and integrity.

Maybe I’m just weirdly obsessed with MMPR. (We can go with that one most likely)

Either way at the end of the day it’s something I love, and fortunately the original rangers are pretty cool and hopped in this video for me 🙂



The Process Makes No Sense. So What?

This week, on Tuesday, as a matter of fact, a vice president in the company for which I work curbed me during a one on one conversation, seemingly randomly providing me a validating piece of wisdom:

“You know, man,” he started, “you’re young. You’ve probably got dreams. Don’t be afraid to leave Cerner to pursue those dreams. Just don’t burn any bridges. And if those dreams don’t work out, you can always come back to a place like Cerner.”

I don’t think he had any idea how much I needed to hear that from a person in a position such as the one he held. I sure didn’t. But hearing him say that was like a breath of fresh air. Before I (finally) get around to mentioning what that conversation snippet has to do with anything whatsoever, let me clarify that this is not going to be a post about me hating my job; my job is pretty solid. It’s not going to be about encouraging anyone to quit anything to chase flowers, or chocolate, or the flying spaghetti monster, or what have you. However, I will be personal.

I’m a year and a half into taking my music seriously. Yes, you read that correctly. I’ve been a musician for 14 years, and I’ve been uploading content online and releasing projects for three, six, really, if you count my stuff that only friends and family have heard. Unfortunately, it was only a hobby until I realized how much it keeps me up at night, how much a part of my identity it is.

In the year and a half since I fully embraced my music passion, since that second semester of my second year in graduate school, I have felt more liberated and more empowered than I ever had up to that point. There are people who actually appreciate my letting out things that I didn’t value enough to expose! Who would have thought that was possible? It’s incredible to know that people are listening avidly to anything I decide to enunciate, at any given point in time. It’s been an awesome time period for me.

It’s also been one of the most painful things that I’ve ever known. This has been the hardest year I’ve experienced thus far, and I think that’s because we grow so much when we finally make a decision to embrace us. Who are you, really? Freedom, joy, pain, wrath, frustration, exhilaration, all of these emotions and more are crunched into the messiest packaging possible, bound, and slapped with a gift label that reads something along the lines of “You finally decided to figure it out. Good luck.” Some good that it does. From my end of things, I feel like life would have been a lot easier if I weren’t so frustrated with normal — whatever that means — on a regular basis, and if I was fine with being successful, textbook definition style. Unfortunately, that will never happen with me. It won’t ever happen with you either. Odds are, if you pay attention to the NPC (Happy Birthday, Us!), you probably are a little different some kind of way, and you’re hella proud of it. Even when it sucks, you’re proud of it. When it’s great, you probably play things down to make sure it’s real, trying to do everything you can to take things in the right way and to grow and learn as much as possible while it’s good. Because it will probably suck again soon.

And that’s perfectly fine. That’s part of the greatness of the process that is discovering you, me discovering me, us discovering us.

The conversation I listed really just reminded me that people who have made it to their stations in life don’t always expect us to follow the paths that they built in order for others to further build their successes.

I don’t really have a major turnaround, wrap up, moral, or anything like that for this post. I just want to encourage you to do you. Period. Because doing you is awesome. Every single winding, tumultuous, calming, contradictory, peaceful, destructive moment of it. I hope you embrace it the way that we are over here in NPC-land….

Because life is anything but linear.

Stay up.

— Desh

Desh on Fire - Gateways

For the Love of Music Volume 5 : Random aka Mega Ran

So I’m a big Mega Ran fan it’s no secret. I stumbled across his albums right before I finished my senior year of Wabash then Forever Famicom and Mega Ran 9 got me through some tough times in my life when I first moved to Dallas.

Fast forward about 4 years later I have not only have met this respectable fellow multiple times but am fortunate enough to call him a friend. When I was in Phoenix in June for work we got to hang out for a bit and I saw it only fitting this random chat be the next volume of “For the Love of Music.”

Get to know a little bit about the life of an Indie Musician.

The struggles, the balance and what makes it all worth it from the homie himself – Mega Ran.