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Comic Review : The Invincible Iron Man #1

Guest Submission by Ash10

BLERD Alert! This is everything! I could easily be biased, being a Black Girl that grew up on Chicago’s south side and frequented Marquette Park, but you can be the judge. The prior volume of Invincible Iron Man was hailed as a promising piece to the New Marvel re-launch but soon began to fizzle out after its first story arc.  This latest volume appears to be just what the doctor ordered.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have heard that the comic now features teen genius, still not the smartest character in the Marvel Universe, Riri Williams as the new operator of the Iron Man suit.  The comic begins in the aftermath of the 2nd Civil War. At this point Tony Stark’s fate is uncertain and Riri has her mind made up to prove herself as a hero. So the story is pretty standard as far as the “superhero teen on their first mission” arc goes.

Fortunately, this was not all that the issue had to offer. Riri’s origin story takes up about 75% of the first issue. Don’t fear, just because her origin story if given in this issue, doesn’t mean that we don’t get our fair share of flashbacks to put things in more detail as we move forward in the story. Bendis did an excellent job of using flashbacks to truly frame who Riri is.  Through these flashbacks, key points in Riri’s childhood are explored, giving insight into difficulties she faced being an extremely gifted child. Something all Nerds and Blerds alike can relate to. As we look into Riri’s past, we can see her challenges with acquiring friendship, her relationship with her parents and the tragedy that defines her. In case it isn’t obvious, I’m totally sold on Riri.

The artwork in this series is much in line with David Marquez’s bright style, thanks to Stefano Caselli.  This artists is definitely gifted when it comes to a wide emotional range being depicted for the characters. From tinkering in her garage to fighting the A.I. in her suit(SPOILER ALERT)…

 Caselli is able to craft dynamic scenes which makes him a great fit for the series.

Following a rough couple volumes, Riri Williams is breathing new like into the Iron Man franchise. Don’t be deterred by the teen superhero adventure because the flashbacks used in the story serve as a great device to get more depth in the teen heroine. It is also good to see great artwork in play, unlike the previous arc. The verdict?


GeekGirlCon 2016 Kickoff Party & Concert/Pokemon GO Contest


This is an image of Sammus and the information for the Kickoff Party. Text: GeekGirlCon Kickoff Party Concert featuring Sammus / Pokemon GO Game Cosplay! and Whitney Monge. Friday 10/7 @ Hard Rock Cafe

If you are in the Seattle area, come see Sammus rock the stage with GeekGirlCon at the Hard Rock Cafe! This is a FREE EVENT for those 21+. The first 100 people through the door will receive a free drink ticket!

Come thru and welcome back Sammus to Seattle and celebrate women in the fields of math, science, STEM and all around nerdery!

GeekGirlCon is a two-day convention Saturday, October 8-Sunday, October 9.

Also! If you’re going to GeekGirlCon, be sure you don’t miss the Women in Nerdcore Panel featuring Sammus and Shubzilla! That panel is Sunday, October 9 at noon!



Read & Stream Nerdcore Emulation Station 3 (N3S) Here!

Creative Mind Frame (1-UP) has come to the end of his Nerdcore Emulation Station journey.

If you’re not familiar with the Nerdcore Emulation Station (NES) series, it all starts with an assault on the entire universe by an evil army who call themselves the “Imagidrains.” (If you are, then skip down below to start reading and streaming!)

In the future, creativity is directly tied to life force which is fervently defended by artistic heroes of each planet.

The king of the Imagidrain army spends decades during a time of peace planning a vicious assault to send his imagination stealing minions to overrun planets in multiple galaxies, which succeeds in overwhelming the heroes who once defended them.

After a mysterious voice teleports the nearly killed heroes to a planet not currently taking the Imigidrain King’s immediate attention (with good reason) , he instructs them that in order to defeat the king, they must first venture through the worlds of Sony Playstation, Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64. In these worlds they will fight enemies they have never fought before including guardians left behind by the Imagidrain King to keep “visitors” at bay in order to augment their power so they can face off against the evil king.

Eventually the mysterious voice reveals himself to be of interesting relation to the story and they continue on to the Gamecube after freeing the planet guardians and other characters and bringing them along for the journey.

After saving the Gamecube from the Imagidrain army sucking it’s life force out, they are now venturing to the trippy home planet of the Imagidrains… the Dreamcast. While it is a Sega world at heart, it seems to have spread its reach to other systems and brought it back into the home planet, possibly due to the Imagidrains evolving and spreading to other galaxies and systems.

Cover of Nerdcore Emulation Station 3 (N3S)

Cover of Nerdcore Emulation Station 3 (N3S)

Join 1-UP and party as he and party venture through this final world to put an end to the Imagidrain strong hold on the galaxy and also make sense of the past of the hero.

N3S Track 1 - Soul Calibur

N3S Track 1 – Soul Calibur

N3S Track 2 - Sonic Adventure

N3S Track 2 – Sonic Adventure

N3S Track 3 - Canon Spike

N3S Track 3 – Canon Spike

N3S Track 4 - Power Stone

N3S Track 4 – Power Stone

N3S Track 5 - Shenmue

N3S Track 5 – Shenmue

N3S Track 6 - Marvel Vs Capcom

N3S Track 6 – Marvel Vs Capcom



N3S Track 7 - Jet Grind Radio

N3S Track 7 – Jet Grind Radio

N3S Track 8 - Madspace

N3S Track 8 – Madspace

N3S Track 9 - Sonic Adventure 2

N3S Track 9 – Sonic Adventure 2

N3S Track 10 - Virtual On

N3S Track 10 – Virtual On


N3S - Back Cover

N3S – Back Cover

Wilmington on Fire – Q&A with Director Christopher Everett

Tucked away in the southeast corner of North Carolina is Wilmington, also known as the Port City. Scenic beaches, wonderful cuisine, and historic monuments bring thousands of visitors every year. Many tourists and residents alike are unaware that these very monuments pay tribute to traitorous men and a violent history.



“Wilmington on Fire” documents the events of the 1898 massacre of the Wilmington City government. The takeover by white supremacists of a prosperous city filled with educated black entrepreneurs and government officials is the only successful coup d’état in American history. A militia of three hundred white men killed unknown numbers of black citizens and exiled the others, promising death to those who dared to return.  

I talked with Director Christopher Everett about the film.

He first heard of the event while living in Atlanta when the state of North Carolina released their “1898 Wilmington Race Riot Report” in 2006.




Everett: There was a lot of talk throughout certain areas of North Carolina about the 1898 massacre. Once I started seeing that online, I thought, this reminds me of Jon Singleton’s Rosewood. Why is this the first time people are really hearing about this? I started researching to see if anyone had made a movie or documentary because I wanted to buy one. When I saw that no one actually did an in depth full documentary on the project, it made me want to do it. I thought the story was important, and it needed to be told, but I didn’t think it’d get the success it has gotten so far. I just wanted to make a good film and get the story out there.


White: In the film Kent Chatfield mentioned seeing weapons from the attack as a child. Does it surprise you that they’d still exist?  

Everett: Not at all, because you go to any museum and they’ll have these things around. I noticed this just researching and doing this film. In the White community, they preserve a lot of this stuff, whether it’s good or bad history. They preserve weaponry, they preserve clothing, like the Klan hoods and all that. The documents and everything.

I notice in our community, we don’t persevere anything. That’s why it’s been hard to find a lot of stuff from the African American community in Wilmington. A lot of times with us, our great grandmother or grandfather might have some old photos, but we don’t know the value of these old letters or photos and we could be cleaning out their house after they die and just throw it out with the trash.


White: That’s not something our people are very good at.  


Everett: That’s a dream of mine, to build a black archive museum when people across North Carolina can bring their stuff and we’d preserve it, digitize it. That’s a dream of mine, one of these days.




White: Your film shed light on atrocities from over one hundred years ago, but as I hear it, there’s more footage. Is there more to tell about these events?


Everett: There’s a lot more to the story.

“Wilmington on Fire 2” is going to go more in depth with what happened to the African American community in Wilmington and NC after the massacre. Once the 1900 election and the Jim Crow movement, where did they go? What it was like for the people that stayed here as well. A lot of people don’t know that there was a town created in NJ called Whitesboro as a safe haven for not only people from Wilmington but throughout NC. I actually filmed there for the first movie, but I could only fit in about 5 minutes of it, so I decided I wanted to make that story for the second one. A lot of the people up there know that connection with Wilmington and NC. They know why their ancestors had to move up there around 1905-1910. A lot of them know the story and their history. It’s going to branch out of NC a little bit to focus on the Jim Crow laws that were created and the effects on the African American community.




“Wilmington on Fire” is a powerful film and it boasts an equally great soundtrack with styles from Jazz to Hip Hop and poetry. The film has won several awards: best local film at the Wilmington Best of 2016 Encore Awards, Best Documentary at the North Carolina Black Film Festival and tied for Best Documentary at Raleigh’s filmSPARK festival.


The DVD will be released on November 10, 2016 on the anniversary of the massacre.
For more info about the film, reserving your copy, or screenings in your area, follow the links below.




Official 2006 NC report 


NPCC Does PAX West 2016


PAX!!! An experience I’ve been waiting on for nearly 10 years. Two of my best friends went when we were in high school as kind of a graduation present and I assure you I was happy and jealous at the same time. In the mid 2000s, it became a goal of mine to go to PAX one day and play all of the games.

As of Sept 2016, I can now travel back in time (once I learn time travel) and tell teenage Emmanuel that his goal has been fulfilled and close out with an epic fist bump. Joining up with the NPC Collective and Death*Star, we brought and weekend full of jams, hilarious (and some serious) panels.

Headed to the convention early Friday obviously to scope out the area, grab some grub and develop a game plan after picking up our badges. Because we all have no attention span and because I’m a huge Destiny addict, we ended up splitting up to go do our own things and explore for day one. Word to the wise, if you have the same cell provider as like 70% of the attendees (*Cough* Verizon) you may want to bring walkie talkies because you’re going to have a difficult time connecting to send messages over said network.


Destiny – I played that beta at the Bungie booth like 10 times. It was only a multiplayer map but man it felt good to use the Gjallarhorn again. ESPECIALLY due to the fact that I got mine in year one like two days before Xur finally decided to sell it               


* Side tangent I started getting hit up on twitter by a bunch of random people because I had my tagline listed as “1UP @ PAX West” asking me for Union of Light Emblem Codes. I started just giving them out at random to people who were liking a photo I posted and gave a couple out in a random grand giveaway. Heads up… DON’T do that … It’s super aggravating when 100 + people are messaging you sob stories (some being spam accounts) about why you should stand in line for 45 minutes to get them a code for an emblem. *

But back to Destiny. There wasn’t a huge amount of the story revealed this weekend just by playing the multiplayer beta but it was still a lot of fun. Bare minimum I was able to test out a couple of maps and judge the character balancing as far as super negations went. I made it a point to play on the Warlock, Titan and Hunter to get a feel for the potential tweaks. I can say I didn’t notice a huge difference in the multiplayer mode other than hand cannons seemed pretty powerful in comparison to the Taken King (even more than the July damage buff). But then again I could have just been playing against some folks who were super good with hand cannons (ಠ◡ಠ)

1UP handing out thrashings in Destiny

** Other side tangent, Super Soul Bros were there playing right by the booth so it gave some awesome music to destroy folks to. Haven’t seen them since MAGFest so it was really good to get them back in the earholes. **

*** Double other side tangent. Spent too much monies at the Bungie store T_T #worthit ***

Rivals of Aether – This was actually introduced to me at Otakon by Trailer Drake. We played a few rounds in the hotel room a couple of days but I ended up forgetting the name of it until I walked up to the 6th floor (which housed most of the indie games). All I know is:

  1. It was super fun
  2. I played probably 20 + matches
  3. I’m super addicted now and have to Boot Camp my Macbook now because I bought it anyway lol

If you haven’t checked it out, it plays a lot like Smash Bros Melee (SSMB) which IMO was the best one, but it’s all more pixel type 2D character designs. When I say it plays a lot like SSBM, I mean it even plays as fluid as SSBM (if not more fluid). Right now the game is still in early access but you can still purchase it and play, but it’s going to have releases and updates pushed to us until the game is complete. I still think that the playability factor is super high even in beta and TOTALLY worth the money. There were a lot of fighting games on the floor that attempted to emulate the SSBM style but were kind of clunky and not really all that enjoyable so it was nice to be able to come back to Rivals for a refresh.

Virtual Reality Demos – Even though I was there all four days, I actually never jumped into any of the Virtual Reality (VR) demo lines because I hate lines and yeah… I hate lines. I spent a lot more time observing people in all hilarity with their headsets on playing different games. PlayStation had quite a few set areas up with close observation range where you could see the participant and the television display of what they were seeing in their VR headsets. I’m sure even if there were ear buds in they could hear the laughter of joy coming from the crowds. It definitely put the idea and desire of picking up a set for myself, buttttt maybe on second iteration so I don’t have to deal with bugs and issues associated with early adoption syndrome. ^.^

I know that a few of my fellow NPCC squad attempted to get tickets for the Resident Evil VR experience. Which basically handed out all of the daily allotment of tickets within 30 minutes of the convention opening. I looked at that line once and was like “Nope.”

Kadesh taking losses in Tekken 7 😂

Other Stuff – To be honest the stuff mentioned above is what I spent a majority of my time on when it came to gaming. I strolled around a couple of days with Ohm-I and Kadesh Flow to try some games like Elder Scrolls Legends, Classic Gaming Room, Tekken 7, and got some serious education on Trove from Twixler. I will probably end up diving into that game as well soon and destroying my spare time life lol. Oh and Atlas Reactor haha! Ohm-I taught me a few things about that game since he’s like a celebrity there, although I didn’t want to get wrecked playing in front of people so I passed. Link here.

Even though I didn’t get wrecked Ohm-I caught these feet during Dance Dance Revolution T.T (for your viewing entertainment).


NPCC MOB – Saturday was a ball. We played an epic game of rap tag and blasted dopeness to the earholes with Death*Star at the LoFi venue a couple of miles from the convention center. If you haven’t been to an NPCC Mob event it’s pretty hilarious and MAD fun. I don’t mean to toot our horns but… TOOT TOOOT! We basically have a drink or two, pass the mic after a couple of songs and catch our breath something serious (◡‿◡✿). I bumped into Murs for a hot minute at the event before he had to bounce and the universe can be at peace as he is as chill as we all imagine and hope. Instead of writing a bunch about the show I will just share some pics from our wonderful photographer Sayed :

PAX West After Party @ LoFi (Photos by Sayed Alamy)

In addition to Saturday’s show, we fortunate enough to put down a quick set on Friday at one of our homie Mark’s shows and we were sprinkled in through some panels from Friday to Monday (Nerdcore Hip Hop Panel, One Fandom To Rule Them All, Business In Music and Code to Cardboard: How to Draw Digital Addicts to Tabletop) which ranged from fun debauchery to serious and informative with game creators all the way up to the grandfather of Nerdcore MC Frontalot. I will say that it is one thing to go to something celebrating the culture that you genuinely enjoy, but it’s a great feeling to be able to contribute to that thing you love. Much love to C0splay for the epic team up and making 17 and 28 year old 1-UP super happy.

Changing Faces Of Nerdcore Hip Hop Panel (PAX 2016)

So obviously we are at the end meaning it’s time for the unnecessary but usual ranking of the convention.

*Drrrrummmmrolllll pleaseeeeee*

PAX West gets a 10/10 from me!

Reasons being: Even though there were lines (and I can’t subtract for this because every con and expo has lines), it was extremely well put together. The content was obviously right up my alley 100% so I’m going to be a little biased but it just felt a lot more like a “Hey, we are adults and are here to enjoy the Expo” versus a few that I have been to (and I’m going to sound old for this) where people are like acting an extreme fool in the con exhibit hall. Don’t get me wrong I love to party but I also like to be in the mind to enjoy the thing I traveled to enjoy, and while everyone enjoys the world differently I just appreciated the mature nature in which the attendees immersed themselves in PAX West.

Thoughts from Kadesh Flow:

Kadesh Flow (Photo by Sayed Alamy)

This was my second PAX West trip. It was much better than the first (not that the first was bad), as I was able to engage in more gameplay and attend more panels. The Lo-Fi show was the highlight of the trip. First, I’m still stoked to play a PAX after party. Heck I’m glad to just have chances to go to the convention! But playing an after party? Awesome!More importantly, rocking with homies from Death*Star and my NPCC family is always priceless. 1-Up, Shubzilla, Ohm-I, and I employed a highly effective strategy of running round robin for about two hours. The energy level remained super high, and everyone maintained a fresh and consistent energy as a result.

The biggest shock of the trip was Murs (yes, Murs) coming to the show and clearly enjoying himself. I looked out at him while we were on stage, and he was smiling, vibing out, and filming us!!!! Murs was filming our set! In a packed house. It was a great night and a great trip.


P.S. If you’re wondering where the links are to the things I mentioned before, scroll up… I hyperlink everything

Much love,