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Shenanigans We’re Waiting for at WWE Payback

With Brock Lesnar out of the picture for Payback, Raw’s champions definitely have a chance to shine. With Wrestlemania’s antics still in play and the recent Superstar Shake-up, we’re not doing to see the mid-card Title, that was recently traded to Raw, defended. Instead we’ll be watching for Smackdown Live’s United States Championship.

There are currently 4 titles on the line, including the Raw Women’s Championship between Alexa Bliss and Bayley. Who will prevail? Well, here are our predictions…

Cruiserweight Championship: Austin Aries vs Neville
While Neville’s current alliance with recent heel turn TJ Perkins, his 2nd meeting with Austin Aries could prove fatal.
Based on the main show worthy bought they had at Wrestlemania, this should be no different… except the end result. Aries has been a fantastic addition to the division and is over-due for the belt.
Winner: Austin Aries

Tag Team Championship: Hardy Boyz v Cesaro and Sheamus
WrestleMania took a major turn when The Hardy Boyz not only returned to the roster but also won the tag team championship on their first night back… DELETE!
Traditionally, WWE would usually pit these babyfaces against a couple heels but this time its different. The Hardys have been paired with Sheamus and Cesaro.
Can the new Odd Couple manage to Usurp the Deletion Brothers?
Honestly, I don’t think so. It feels like there’s more to this storyline that hasn’t been revealed for the Hardys and there seems to be a more important storyline in store for Sheamus and Cesaro.
Also, The Legendary Hardys should be ending a long time fued with a bigger team like Gallows and Anderson before the drop the belts…
Winners: The Hardy Boyz

Women’s Championship: Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss
With the Universal Championship out of the picture, there is no bigger match than the Women’s Championship between Bayley and Alexa.
Since her arrival on Raw, Alexa has managed to plow through the competition and immediately thrust herself into contention for the Raw Women’s Championship within a matter of weeks. She stole the spotlight on Smackdown and quickly became one of WWE’s most important competitors.
But is this Bayley’s time? A feud with Sasha Banks seems pretty inevitable at this point, which could be perfect for her as a champion.
In the same right, it may not be a good idea to keep Bliss out of the title picture for much longer. For the sake of not breaking the momentum…
Winner: Alexa Bliss

United States Championship: Kevin Owens vs Chris Jericho
Drink it in, man, because this is going to be one for the books. Former BFFs KO and Y2J will go head to head for the belt. While we’re still in the early stages of the Superstar Shake-up, Owens’ trade to Smackdown seems to be the best outcome.
So far, Owens’ open challenges could become a regular thing, much like Cena’s. That topped with the opening for someone to steal the spotlight on the blue roster, Owens could become an even bigger superstar in WWE.
With that said, Owens winning the United States Champion would be the best decision for the obvious booking. With Jericho’s departure likely at hand, its kinds obvious who should carry the strap.
Winner: Kevin Owens

Other Shenanigans:

    • Bo and The Wyatts: Its no secret that the Wyatts have had their ups and downs lately. Randy Orton has definitely caused a lot of static and caused us all the question the strength of the family after his brutal win over Bray at Wrestlemania 33. While the return of Erick Rowan has helped, there’s something that can be an even bigger pay-off. We want to see Bo Dallas return and join the Wyatt Family during the House of Horrors match as the uncontrollable psycho. His previous heel turn shows us its possible and it just makes good sense…
    • Sasha vs Bayley: We’ve been patiently waiting, as far back as Fastlane, for Sasha to prove Alexa Bliss right and turn on Bayley. While Sasha has helped Bayley along her path to the Championship, It would definitely help our Champion Bliss prediction. And who doesn’t love Heel Sasha?!

  • Roman Snaps: It been a long road since Wrestlemania for the Superstar. First he retires The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, then he’s booed out of the building on Raw, then taken apart by Braun strawman, finally has to endure the passing of his real life brother and WWE Superstar Rosey. Is it far-fetched to think that Roman may snap at Payback? While it doesn’t have to be a heel turn, getting revenge on the man that tried to end his career won’t come about with a simple spear. Roman needs to get absolutely brutal with Strowman. I’m talkin’ worse than he did with Triple H in 2015. It would be a much needed surprise for the superstar.

Guess we’ll see if everything pans out Sunday…

Xavier Woods Aces the NPC’s Q&A

Next up for the weekly Q&A is the a man you may have seen in the ring cracking heads and yelling “IT’S MORPHIN’ TIME,” WWE Superstar XAVIER WOODS.  Xavier was nice enough to take time out from wrestling, training and working on his dissertation to answer a few questions, and even drop off his current playlist.


11762 - my_little_pony xavier_woods


  1. What are you currently nerding out on?

Currently I’m going hard with subtitled animes on Crunchy Roll. It’s like Netflix for anime, if you don’t know. They upload brand new shows a week after they air in Japan so it’s a great way to keep up on current stuff.

  1. What’s your most recent game played?

Final Fantasy 14 has consumed my life. A bunch of my buddies and I all got it and jumped in, started a guild and are getting in on all the goodness. If you’re getting it then jump on Coerurl so we can play!

  1. What music is on your playlist?

Actually just made a sweet dance club mix for one of my dj buddies and its attached below if you wanna see the whole thing. It’s more or less anything that could go on Michael Jacksons “Off The Wall” album.

if you have Spotify, check out Xavier’s Playlist HERE

  1. What do you do in downtime?

In my downtime I usually watch TV (playing games doesn’t count, that’s “On site training”). I really like Brooklyn Nine-Nine right now so I’m going through that and Prince of Tennis. Boondocks just started back up so that will be on the list as well.

  1. Any past/present involvement in community activities you’d like to speak about?

A few weeks when I was in New Orleans for WrestleMania I had the chance to do something really cool. WWE had been working with an organization called KABOOM and an elementary school on designing a playground for the kids there. Went in early to hang out with the kids and build some of the playground, which we finished in a day (awesome). The kids were so happy and so excited so it was really cool to see their reactions to something that will leave a lasting mark on their school forever.

  1. What are you trying to learn to do right now?

I’m trying to learn how to complete my dissertation in a timely manner. My goal is to have it before I am 30; I’m 27 now, so learning how to make that happen is something that is pretty important to me.

  1. What should Nerdy People of Color get out of our website and collective?

They should take away that regardless of the color of your skin you can do whatever you set your mind to. You don’t have to put yourself in a box, you don’t have to only have one interest, and you can love whatever you want! Mix and match your achievements to become a well-rounded person who can be a strong role model for others.

  1. Favorites:

A) Movie – White Chicks.

B) Food – Stuffed Crust Pizza with Pepperoni and Bacon

C) Website –NPCcollective.com duhhh and riptapparel.com

  1. What’s upcoming?

I’ll be traveling to Europe in a few weeks to wrestle. I’m really pumped about it considering that performing overseas always has a kind of energy about it. Since we aren’t always performing over there then they are insane to see us. It’s a good feeling and crazy energy like that always enhances your game so its gonna be a good time.

  1. Talk about a person or event who made you who you are today.

So I was an amateur wrestler in high school and one year I won a very difficult tournament. I came out of the finals beat up, bruised, and bloody. But I remember it being one of the happiest times of my life. There was am upper classman named Mike Hudson, who was absolutely incredible, that I really looked up to. Mike had won this tournament the year prior. After the tournament my coach asked me how I felt, I told him “I’m gonna be the next Mike Hudson!”. He looked at me confused and said “Why don’t you just work hard to be the first Xavier Woods?”. He didn’t realize it at the time, but that one comment changed my life. I then understood that there is no point trying to be like someone else. It’s good to look up to people and to have goals, but it’s also important to never lose sight that you are the only you that you can be. Make your own way and never lose sight of who you are.


BONUS: Xavier Woods’ Playlist: 


Michael Jackson

– Don’t Stop Till you Get Enough

– Rock With You

– Workin Day and Night

– Get on the Floor

– Off the Wall

– I can’t Help It (if not dancy enough for you then try – I Can’t Help It (Todd Terje

Rekutt) (2009)

– Burn this Disco Out

– Pretty Young Thing


Parliament Funkadelic

– Not just Knee Deep

– Atomic Dog

– One Nation Under a Groove


Stevie Wonder

– Don’t You worry Bout a Thing

– Do I Do

– Boogie on Reggae Woman


The Spinners

– Rubber Band Man


Earth, Wind, and Fire

– Boogie Wonderland

– Lets Groove


Sister Sledge

– He’s the Greatest Dancer


The Whispers

– And The Beat Goes On

– Rock Steady



– Let the Music Play


Midnight Star

– Midas Touch

– No Parking on the Dance Floor


Dazz Band

– Let it Whip



– Do Wa Ditty

– I can Make you Dance


The Gap Band

– Early in the Morning



Eddie Murphy

– Party all the Time


SOS band

– Take Your Time



– A night to remember (watch the video, youll love It https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guB_jQkCzCo

– Second time around

– Take the to the bank

– Over and over


NPC Xavier Woods has joined your party!

As we continue piecing together the website and members, things have been taking off and having a greater reach than we could have imagined already!

WWE Superstar Xavier Woods now has his bio listed on the NPC Members Page and we released the first video for the NPC Collective (Nerdy People of Color Collective : Chapter 1)

Featuring a few of the current members including:

This does not emcompass the NPC in it’s entirety, but we will continue to add to the site… Including music and art releases, updating news and making more videos to show you why it’s awesome to be an NPC!!