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Comic Review : The Invincible Iron Man #2

Comic Review : The Invincible Iron Man #2

In case you didn’t catch the review of the first issue, I LOVE THIS VOLUME. After issue #1, a lot of readers may be thinking that this is just another Iron Man story with Iron Heart slapped on the front. In my best Donald Trump voice, “WRONG!” In this 2nd installment, we definitely find the Riri is in total control of not only the armor but also this story arc.


[SPOILER ALERT] We can’t keep it secret anymore, Riri has A.I. for her suit, just as she wanted. The essence of Riri’s A.I. just happens to be Tony Stark, himself. At this point we’re still unsure of weather Tony is dead or alive (something we won’t find out until the final issue of Civil War II is released), giving rise to some very interesting conversations in the series thus far.


In this 2nd issue, I’d like to compare Riri to Miles Morales in that Bendis can tell this story and not be tied by decades of continuity. He can tell a new Iron Man story without have to deal with the Stark Industries rival of the month. A lot of readers have been put off by the Chicago violence aspects of the tale. I personally appreciate this aspect of Riri’s story. As comic readers, we always want two feet in the Marvel Universe while often forgetting that Marvel has always held a mirror to our world. As a Blerd, I realize that stories based in realism, like this one, have a particular ability to inspire readers living in those same circumstances.


We also begin to explore Riri’s training and dig deeper into the tragedies that drive her to me Iron Heart. The Tony Stark A.I., acting as a new Jarvis, takes Riri through her training. These scenes magnificently blend humor with the drama of Riri’s past, social commentary and some good superhero action!


Through the action, Riri’s character becomes poignant in that she not only realizes that through the A.I. Tony Stark has effectively made himself immortal and trying to make sense out of pointless violence (something that I predict will drive the character to superhero greatness).

Ashten Fizer

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