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NPCC at BlerDCon!!

NPCC at BlerDCon!!

BlerDCon is coming soon to Arlington, Virginia and NPCC will be there to perform!
Wait… what is BlerDCon?
I asked Blerdcon staff member  and anime / cosplay enthusiast, Tiffron Canzius, to give us an explanation.

“In short, Blerdcon is a general fandom convention with a focus on diversity and inclusion of under represented groups in media. To fully explain why a Blerd (Black Nerd) convention would focus on diversity and inclusion, we’d have to touch on what exactly Blerds are. Blerds come from a position of belonging to two different cultures. Unfortunately those two cultures didn’t always mesh well, so Blerds often found themselves in a position of being “too White to be Black” or “too Black to be White” or especially too nerdy to fit in with either. This left us as misfits or outcasts, and that usually meant you ended up sitting with/hanging around the other misfits and outcasts. This includes other groups such as nerds of other races, the LGBT, the disabled, and sometimes even the kids from other countries/cultures that didn’t have a place to fit into. So we learned the power of diversity and acceptance as they learned to appreciate who we are, and as we learned to appreciate them for their differences.”

“And when it comes to fandom, just like Blerds, the common thread other groups typically share was being underrepresented in the media that we consume. Just like Blerds don’t see enough black characters, other marginalized groups didn’t see themselves represented in media enough either. So Blerdcon is about celebrating that Black nerd experience, in all aspects. Celebrating ourselves. Our uniqueness. Our love. And at the same time celebrating our friends that come from similar positions and share similar ideals. With celebration that is Blerdcon, we hope to help foster an environment that promotes a mutual understanding, knowledge, and most importantly respect for ourselves and each other.

Blerdcon features several events across the weekend, including concerts, parties, and a cosplay contest and even a comedy show. It will also feature over 100 panels ranging from discussions of general fandom to educational presentations on social issues. Needless to say we want Blerdcon attendees to have fun and enjoy themselves, but we also hope to take something positive away from this weekend. We hope the kid that struggles with issues of self-hate can be a step closer to loving themselves. We hope that people learn what misogynoir means and how to combat it. We hope that someone previously ignorant to the struggles of the LGBT+ community leave with an better understanding. We hope that together, we can be a source of positive change.”

BlerDCon aims to be a truly universal convention experience. Come see D&D Sluggers, K-Murdock, EYE-Q, and special guest Maverick Da Roninn perform and look for us around the con, at our table, and at panels. We’re looking forward to a great weekend. Head over to Blerdcon and get your tickets.
Arlington, VA
instagram @Blerdcon 
Twitter @blerdconDC

Tim White
D&D Sluggers

Tim White

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