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Happy 1st Birthday, NPC

Happy 1st Birthday, NPC

What’s up NPC’s:

I just realized from an old Facebook post that last week was the one year anniversary of the beginnings of the NPCC. It started after some conversations at Nerdapalooza (RIP), and then grew.

In the past year we’ve done a lot of cool things, but we want to do even more in the next year and beyond. I’ve spent a lot of time on what I want the NPCC to be, and we’ve been working slowly, and deliberately towards our goals.

Even a year in, I get a lot of questions about the NPC Collective…mainly on what an NPC is, and mostly how to join. I have to say first off I appreciate the overwhelming amounts of support you guys give to the movement.

Happy Birthday!

Next, I have to say that the NPC is not:

-a nerd rap crew
-about separation in ANY way.

We’re just a bunch of people who:

a) like nerdy things (video games, comics, math)
b) create things or bring people joy with the things they do
c) know what it’s like to be ostracized or have trouble fitting in.

So, with those descriptions, pretty much anyone can be an NPC, right?


Right now, to expand and fulfill the vision I have for the NPCC, we are in need of:

-community activism
-graphic design
-web design
-blog posting (how to’s, stories etc)

If you are a person that does any of these things, hit us up and we’ll chat!

So as we blow out the candles for year one, I’m super excited about the future, and I need your help to get there!

Thank you for reading!


Raheem Jarbo

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